School Visits

School Visits

We’ve turned our kitchens into classrooms over 23,000 times. And it’s all thanks to one inquisitive teacher who, back in 1999, asked if her pupils could cook with us for the day. Nowadays, any primary school class can spend a lively morning with us learning about good food, tasting our fresh ingredients, and of course, making authentic, Italian pizza.

58 AED per child.

You’re going to learn lots about cooking and good food with us, and you’ll certainly have heaps of fun along the way. Here’s what you can expect on a typical School Visit.

What you get:

  • Pre-formed 6-inch dough for making their own pizza
  • A Choice of ingredients (see below)
  • Glass of apple / orange juice
  • Chef’s hat and apron


  • Pepperoni
  • Chicken
  • Button Mushrooms
  • Green Capsicum
  • Black Olives
  • Mozzarella Cheese
  • Tomato Sauce
  • Pick your own* (additional charges apply)
  • Kids-Parties-1
  • Kids-Parties-2
  • Kids-Parties-3
  • Kids-Parties-4
  • Kids-Parties-5
  • Kids-Parties-6
  • Kids-Parties-7
  • Kids-Parties-8
Note: Price: 58 AED per child.
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  • 1

    Outline school visit details and requirements

    1. Pick a date.
    2. Confirm number of students.
    3. Choose a location.
  • 2

    Check availability

    1. Fill in our Enquiry Form below.
    2. A member of our team will get back to you confirming restaurant availability.
  • 3

    Make a tentative booking

    1. Respond to our email and confirm your wish to proceed.
  • 4

    Site visit

    1. Visit your chosen venue and meet our party organiser in person to discuss F&B arrangements, decorations, and other details for the day.


  • 9.30am Good morning and welcome! You turn up with your class and meet the manager and their team.
  • 9.35am Before we get chopping and tasting, our manager will run you through some important cooking basics. Things like washing hands, and staying safe in the kitchen.
  • 9.45am Ready, steady, pizza.  Our pizzaiolo (pizza chef) now takes over, showing you how to make a famous, Italian classic: the Margherita

Everyone will get the chance to knead the dough, making it lovely and smooth, and create the perfect base. Then we’ll discover just how important the fresh ingredients are to the pizza’s flavour. The final touch? Topping your creations with our famous passata (tomato) sauce, mozzarella and basil. 

It takes about half an hour, from kneading the dough to putting your pizza in the oven.

  • 10.20am While the pizzas are cooking in our giant pizza oven, the kids get involved in our Ingredients Quiz. It’s where we taste and learn about different ingredients, and then answer questions about each one.
  • 10.40am What’s that delicious smell? Your hot pizzas coming out of the oven, of course. It’s time to take them back to school for lunch, along with your Junior Pizzaiolo Certificate as you’re now one of our little pizza chefs.


Thanks for coming – it’s the end of your morning with us.




booking details

Note: Minimum spending requirement varies among restaurant venues. Please Contact Us for more details.

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